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Expert Insights gives voice to the Urban Insights initiative. We bring you closer to the authors and influencers who have helped to shape and form the Urban Insight initiative and reports.

Henriette Falk Olesen

Henriette Falk Olesen

Henriette is competence leader within sustainability in the Sweco Danish architectural division (West) and a part of the Danish steering group for Urban Insight. Additionally, Henriette is part of the DGNB criteria committee in dk-gbc (Green Building Council, Denmark)’.


On Urban Insight

Urban Insight broadens my perspective and understanding to the different topics. It encourages to curiosity and enlightenment for a given topic that I haven’t focused on before. Urban Insight gives inspiration to my daily role as a sustainability advisor.

On the new theme “Urban Health and Wellbeing”

I look forward to gaining a greater insight into how we can become even better at designing and planning a more sustainable society – with the human being in focus.

My professional perspective on the latest theme “Climate Action”

In my role as competence leader within sustainability in the Danish architectural division, this is one of our main focus areas. Today we build at a high pace and have many different clients – with many different interests. A prerequisite and a personal vision for me is that we will always improve and learn to get better at designing and planning – no matter whether it is an urban area or a building. Our goal is to design spaces where people will thrive now and in the future. I am sure that this year’s Urban Insight will provide ‘food for thought’ – and create new inspiring directions that can ensure even better areas and buildings for the future.
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