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Isabelle Putseys

Isabelle Putseys, Urban Insight Expert Leader, Group

Isabelle is an expert in interdisciplinary, innovative and complex offers her key area of expertise lays in Sustainability and Climate responsive projects and Water Urbanism a recent project being the research project The Dry Delta (Flemish Government 2020-2021)


On Urban Insight

Urban Insight gives us the opportunity to challenge our best experts in the field to go beyond the set goals, creates a stage for innovative thinking and opportunity to join the global public debate!

On the new theme “Urban Health and Wellbeing”

The pandemic has highlighted the flaws in our urban environments, we’re experiencing a flash forward to a society that puts high values on physical and mental health, movement, social contacts, greenery, air quality… within our own neighbourhoods. Let’s use this moment as a lever to work on more healthy environments together.

Isabelle Putseys is one of the main authors to the research article “The Happy, Healthy, City. A Dream or Tomorrow’s Reality?”  In the article experts examine our past and present to imagine a near future in which cities are hubs of health and happiness. Explore the concept of “The City as a Vaccine” and experts insights on how to create healthier and happier cities and societies!

My professional perspective on the latest theme “Climate Action”

Health is a broad concept that can refer to both health of people and health of environments. In fact, what we need to realize is that both are directly linked to each other. It’s about creating beneficial solutions for both.
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