Expert Insights

Expert Insights gives voice to the Urban Insights initiative. We bring you closer to the authors and influencers who have helped to shape and form the Urban Insight initiative and reports.

Lewis Barlow, Technical Director, UK

Lewis is a Technical Director at Sweco in the UK as well as a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, he is also an expert in infrastructure decarbonisation

Lewis Barlow is one of the main authors on the Urban Insight report “Carbon Cost in Infrastructure: The Key to the Climate Crisis?”. In the report, experts explore ways in which we can minimise both carbon emissions and cost associated with infrastructure development.


On Urban Insight

The Urban Insight series sets out a clear vision of sustainable development best practice across and beyond the built environment. It’s hugely valuable!

On the new theme “Urban Health and Wellbeing”

Once again, the timing of the new theme is spot on, as we learn to shape and thrive in a ‘new normality’.
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My professional perspective on the latest theme “Climate Action”

I’m well-aware of the impact of climate change on the planet, but less so on its impact on human health and wellbeing. This theme is a great opportunity to explore the interaction between these issues and to ensure a healthier future for everyone.
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