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Expert Insights gives voice to the Urban Insights initiative. We bring you closer to the authors and influencers who have helped to shape and form the Urban Insight initiative and reports.

Martijn Steenstra

Martijn Steenstra, Consultant Spatial Planning and Water Management, Netherlands

Martijn is a Sweco consultant in Spatial Planning and water management in the Netherlands with a key area of expertise in climate adaptation. Most recently Martijn worked as Expert Leader, Urban Insight 2020 theme- Climate Action as well as working on the ‘Climate label State of your Street’ initiative.

On Urban Insight

“Urban Insight is about knowledge sharing and engaging in new conversations with our clients and decision makers on sustainable Urban Development. By highlighting important themes, together we can drive new ways of developing our living environment.”

On the new theme “Urban Health and Wellbeing”

“Urban Health and Wellbeing connects to almost all facets of urban development. Whether designing a new railway station, city park or housing project, looking at projects from the health perspective will generate new insights and innovations in design.” Discover the theme “Urban Health and Wellbeing”.

My professional perspective on the latest theme “Climate Action”

“Climate change and health are very much connected, for instance through the occurrence of heat stress in European cities in summer and its relations with air quality. The positive story is that the green solutions to adapt to climate change offer many health benefits as well. Image greener cities with more trees and more space to walk, bike, sport and play. I expect that research into healthier cities, with healthier citizens, will also contribute to resiliency to climate change.”
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