Expert Insights

Expert Insights gives voice to the Urban Insights initiative. We bring you closer to the authors and influencers who have helped to shape and form the Urban Insight initiative and reports.

Mattias Goldmann, Chief Sustainability Officer, Sweco

As well as being Chief Sustainability Officer at Sweco and an Urban Insight expert, Mattias has been elected Sweden’s most influential person in sustainability issues, awarded Future Politician of the Year and knighted by the French Government for his climate work.


On Urban Insight

News articles are often too general, scientific report too lengthy and academic. Urban Insight strikes just the right balance in giving what we need to develop tomorrow’s society!

On the new theme “Urban Health and Wellbeing”

After the pandemic, we all understand how we need to find a new way of healthy urban living – how we live, commute, work and spend our leisure time will all change, but how? Explore the theme “Urban Health and Wellbeing”.

My professional perspective on the latest theme “Climate Action”

We WILL build back better, using the restart that 2021 means to develop more sustainable societies. We must find ways of solving many sustainability issues at the same time, ensuring that what we as humans can look forward to tomorrow’s solutions with confidence. If it’s not right for you, me and our co-citizens, we won’t get the momentum and the enthusiasm needed to go much further, much faster like the sustainability issues require us to. It is a wicked problem, but solvable when we decide to face it together with all the creativity and brilliance we have.
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