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How can bridges and tunnels be made more beautiful or be used in a smarter way? And how can they create added value for citizens? Here are some voices on this matter. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!

The first Urban Insight report, Redefining Bridges and Tunnels for the Next Generation of Our Cities, highlights good examples of alternative use of bridges and tunnels and ways the space they occupy can be used to create added value for citizens.

We asked about your experience of bridges and tunnels, and your ideas for more liveable, sustainable and mobile cities and communities. The response has been great and more than 150 people across Europe have already shared their reflections in our online poll. It is clear that bridges and tunnels are structures that most people pass or use every day, hence they play an important role in urban life.

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Take a photo of a bridge or tunnel that could be developed in a way that would add value for citizens in your urban area. Write a short comment about what you think the space lacks and what you’d like the space to offer.
Use the hashtags #UrbanInsight, #UrbanMove, #Sweco, #BridgesAndTunnels

Your photos will appear in the stream of images under the hashtags, and some may be displayed on the Urban Insight website (www.swecourbaninsight.com).