About Urban Insight

With nearly 18,000 experts planning and designing the cities and communities we live in, Sweco is shaping a sustainable future. Urban Insight is an initiative launched by Sweco to illustrate our expertise – encompassing both local knowledge and global capacity – as the leading adviser to the urban areas of Europe. This initiative offers unique insights into sustainable urban development in Europe, from the citizens’ perspective.

Urban Insight explores the impact of various European urban structures on citizens’ ability to satisfy needs and preferences, and the way in which these needs and preferences dictate how we choose to structure urban areas. Designing attractive, functional urban areas requires innovative thinking, an understanding of the European perspective, and in-depth knowledge of what works locally. Taken together, this means having Urban Insight.

Urban Insight is a long-term initiative with a different theme each year. The theme for 2021 is Urban Health and Wellbeing.

Urban Insight is based on a number of insight reports written by Sweco’s experts. These insights will be shared throughout the year in a series on this Urban Insight website. The reports are meant to inspire and to open up for discussions. Global and local initiatives will be organised during the year to engage people who are interested in the topics.