Climate Action Now – Urban Insight 2020

By putting the best information in front of the best people we believe we can make necessary change happen through our actions. The theme 2020 in Urban Insight is Climate Action. During the year we will share Insight reports that deliver facts and knowledge on climate adaption and mitigation.

European urban areas are facing tremendous challenges in the coming years. The effects of the climate crisis are being felt daily by citizens around the world. Specific knowledge and data are needed to plan and build safe and resilient future urban environments. Solutions on climate change and Climate Action will be in focus in our upcoming Urban Insight reports during 2020.

“We already know so much about climate change and it’s impacts today, now is the time to take action and change the way we design our cities to adapt and meet the needs of future citizens. By sharing these Insight reports, Sweco is helping to inform our society and clients of the most up-to-date trends in the industry. This enables us all to make the best possible choices when it comes to realising projects and pursuing environmentally and socially sustainable outcomes. We aim to put our knowledge in the hands of decision makers to ensure their next projects contribute positively to our future environment”

The last two decades included 18 of the warmest years on record, in 2019 alone weather-related disasters caused a record €283 billion in economic damage. Key information needs to be provided to those who are looking for solutions when it comes to climate change adaptation and mitigation, especially in order to create resilient cities and societies.

Urban Insight is based on a number of insight reports written by Sweco experts. In the Insight reports we share actionable knowledge, data and facts. Experts across Europe explore how citizens view and use urban areas, and how local circumstances can be improved to create more liveable and sustainable communities and cities.

Designing attractive, functional urban areas requires innovative thinking, an understanding of the European perspective, and in-depth knowledge of what works locally. Together, this means having Urban Insight.

 Martijn Steenstra

Do you have questions on climate adaptation?
Please contact our Climate Action expert Martijn Steenstra sr. Consultant Water Management and Spatial Planning at Sweco. Martijn Steenstra is a senior consultant at the urban planning department at Sweco Netherlands and have worked at Sweco for 13 years. First on water management, and in the last ten years on Sustainable Urban Development with special attention to Climate Action.

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